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About this Episode

This episode of The Remodeler Success Podcast is filled with great insight! Our guest JC Kleier shares his vision for the remodeling industry as we approach 2023, including which tools can help you scale up your remodeling business. Tune in to find out how technology will transform and revolutionize the remodeling industry! There’s no better time than to tune into the Remodeler Success Podcast. Tune in now!

Get insights on technology that can help you scale your business

How Roomvo has helped remodelers across the nation

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Dennis Oz: Welcome to Remodeler Success podcast. I just wanted to say thank you for all our listeners, and if you’re tuning out today because you want to grow your business and you would like to take it to the next step. You know that Remodeler Success Podcast is giving you the tools and we are giving you a vision for your next step. What’s gonna happen in 2023? What are the tools that we can use and things like that. You cannot be the Jack of all trades, but you have to be a great maestro to manage your team. You have to come up with different solutions and you have to look at the whole picture and then solve these problems on the spot. So we are getting questions about the, actually for the apps, when you put some great designs out there, it is something that we can maybe talk a little more in detail. There are a lot of different tools in the market, but what’s our recommendation? We were looking at all these software world, let’s say it was a huge world and there are a lot of different apps going out almost every day.. But there are some apps, they have significant convenience when you’re using it and giving you a great opportunity to use it and implement it on your business and start using it even today. So it’s really easy to implement and easy to work with. But it’s all about a great tool for yourself for your business. Let me introduce JC Kleier from Roomvo, JC welcome to the show.

JC Kleier: Hey, thanks Dennis for having me.

Dennis Oz: I’m totally amazed and, uh, we said we need this tool. Going back to my kitchen designer years, we were missing this tool. Let me ask you, where were you guys for all these years? ?

JC Kleier: Yeah, really. We started back in 2019. The founders really noticed a problem within the housing industry, and that was, we had to visualize a sample in our minds of what this 12 by 12 sample’s going to look like in the entire home. And Powel and the team of founders were like; ”Okay, let’s see if we can figure out a simple, easy to use solution for the home industry.

Dennis Oz: Well, I have a lot of answers to this question, but let me ask you, why should countertop companies and also remodelers implement Roomvo?

JC Kleier: Yeah, so visualization has super improved since, when it first came out the visualization features were kind of a little choppy and they’re, they’ve improved significantly over the years. For Roomvo we started out in the flooring industry. And so you snap a picture of the room and it cuts out the floors. And now we’ve ventured into the countertop space where you can take a picture of your countertops, walk into a customer’s home during the measure, snap a picture of the countertop, and now be able to show the customer on the spot, here’s what the entire slabs going to look like, instead of just a 12 by 12 sample.

Dennis Oz: That’s what I was really amazed about the app, like a virtual assistant, just like telling someone, bring me this, I would like to see this one and bring me that one. While designing, it’s really important to be really flexible about the all the demands that is coming from the homeowners, because they will be looking, they would like to see different things. They would like to at least experience and visualize different things. I see Roomvo is doing a great job over there. What are the things that make Roomvo special, especially when you’re looking at Roomvo assistant.

JC Kleier: Yeah, the Roomvo Assistant is designed for dealers that carry manufacture products. And we have MSI, Daltile, a whole bunch of different wall, countertop and flooring dealers. That you can add the Roomvo Assistant to your website and then have those dealers listed within that visualizer. Really our core belief about the Roomvo Assistant and all dealer products that we have is that when you add the visualization features to your website, the customers that you’ve worked so hard to bring to your website through advertising and just local generation, that they stay on your website and they’re not sent to the manufacturer’s website where the dealer locator’s at, they stay on your website thinking about your brand. For the assistant specifically, there’s actually a free option, and that’s exciting to me.

Dennis Oz: It’s exciting to me as well. It’s amazing.

JC Kleier: Yeah. It’s a really powerful and it’s all because of the manufacturers that we partner up with, that we can provide a free widget that dealers can add to their website in less than five minutes.

Dennis Oz: This is great. Using is really easy. We are gonna talk about that. Uh, but, uh, first of all, let’s talk about the subscriptions. If we are, let’s say we need some sort of like a visualization program, and we are in the market, we are looking for different options, let’s say. I’m amazed with Roomvo and other things, other people are also amazed with the convenience of using the app. What subscriptions do you offer? What are the differences? How do you compare your subscriptions, packages.

JC Kleier: Yeah, so we have a few different subscriptions. Most dealers start out with the Roomvo assistant, which is a 100% free forever. There are some add-ons that you can add onto the Roomvo Assistant, like custom branding or if you have white label products, we can add those to the Roomvo Assistant. But we also have the, Roomvo catalog, which integrates deeper into your existing website. And then the third product that we have is Roomvo sites. There’s multiple different subscriptions with the package. What we really focus on is the assistant and you can get the premium pass, which is custom branding, adding a button that would automatically be displayed onto the visualized image that would pop up to you and it would say, book appointment.

Dennis Oz: Very strong call to action, by the way, because yes, we would like to bring these appointments, right? Why you are just putting all these things out there on your website because you would like to bring these people, you would like to convert these people from your website. Here’s a great tool. You just visualize the things that your customers want to see and create your appointment. How cool is that!.

JC Kleier: Yeah. The premium pass is where you can get that pop up and it’s huge because not only do we kind of keep track of what products are visualized, a customer comes to your website through an advertisement, they launch the visualizer. They go; ”Oh, this product, this product, and this product. Wow, those are cool. I’m on it for about 15 seconds of a piece.” And after five visualized products, that pop up appears. They can fill out the form and then it emails directly to the dealer with a list of all the products that they visualized. And the premium pass is an excellent addition as well as the ability to add the custom branding so it looks more like your tool on your website. Super huge powerful feature to add on to the assistant.

Dennis Oz: It also looks really professional when you white label these kind of apps. When you get the premium pass and put your own branding right there, your prospects guys, it’s, they’re gonna say, wow, look at this company. They made a great investment on their website and also apps. They’re giving us something that no one else is giving. When you’re looking at like your homeowner’s perspective, what do you really wanna see? They would like to see a serious company. What they wanna see: You’re not a one man show. You just have different things in place, and you have also different technologies in place. So that’s why your website needs these touches. Even you can start with the free one. It’s giving you a lot of flexibility and convenience, of course. But what makes premium special is just looking at the marketing side here, JC is giving you the actual how to steps, but what I’m talking about is the marketing piece of it. The marketing piece is gonna be really powerful since we got a lot of podcast episodes over here. We are talking about marketing. Your customers, your prospect will like to see you are a serious company. You have investments in different departments of the business. That’s why it’s gonna make you great. For sure. My next question you said you started with the flooring. And then you got into the countertop space, right? So there’s a roadmap over there. What’s after countertops? What do you think?

JC Kleier: I don’t know if we have any official roadmaps out. We are definitely trying to continue to expand within the countertop industry and all the surfaces that we currently have available. The flooring, we just released two major partnerships, earlier this month with Mohawk and Shaw, and they’re partnering up with us in the flooring aspect, but we’re also getting more and more brands added for what the wall surface as well as countertops. And those are really our primary goals and expanding into. But we attended our first kitchen and bath home show earlier this year. We got a lot of great feedback and a lot of dealers signed up for the assistant and that was huge to see that a lot of them saw the power behind it. Being more than just something to add to your website, but also to be used as a sales tool out on the measures.

Dennis Oz: Right. Most of the tools in the market, they’re also being used to visualize the project, but most of our listeners know that I have a kitchen design background and the real convenience about the Roomvo is: Roomvo is real quick. Think about the other apps that you use. You have to include a lot of different things in your design to make it happen. They would like to see like the exact shape with the exact edges, those kind of things, but the real thing is you can switch between different ideas very quickly. I’m sure that I’m gonna ask you this one because it’s a bit convenience. So am I right?

. Yeah.

JC Kleier: It’s super convenient. And that’s really one of the foundation pieces is that the homeowner and the dealer should not have to spend time figuring out; ”Okay, we need a two inch little strip right here, or, Hey, this countertop needs to be five foot long…” It’s all about doing the math and the logistics, for you to help reach the cell. And it doesn’t necessarily give you any specific dimensions, but it gives you the visualized image, which is what customers want to see.

Dennis Oz: That’s the main thing. And it’s the real big thing right there. This is the what Roomvo is bringing the industry. I think it’s going to reshape this whole technology and let’s say what people are expecting from that. Many years ago, we tried so many different things, not also rendering. We even some dealers try to use VR goggles. Remember that happened and, uh, well right now, uh, meta is just introduced, uh, thousands of dollars of VR goggle here. But maybe it’ll bring another opportunity for the market to just utilize. But being easy is the real thing right there because, you need to be flexible, you’ll be always selling. That’s why I found the real let’s say vitamin in this app is being a real convenient tool for for the kitchen designers. ,

 Most of the tools in the market are not really user friendly. Only a person in the showroom who knows what the edge is, who knows what the dimensions could be, the depth, width, we need some sort of a personal touch. Do you think that we need those kind of experience when you’re using Roomvo?

JC Kleier: Yeah, Roomvo is really designed to be easy to use. Whether it’s a customer that just landed on your website, they can simply snap a photo of their room, select the product, and see it visualized in their space. It shouldn’t take somebody who’s an expert in the industry to just show them what opportunities lie ahead to get them excited to want to walk into your store and explore options. And that’s really why the tool has been so successful is because it’s easy to use for the dealers and it’s also easy to use for the consumers. And it’s that mutual relationship where it’s like, Hey, I can walk into your store and say; ”I used your visualizer and this is the product I want to look at, this is the product I want to look at, this is the product I want to look at.” And you can instantly skip all of that time consuming process of ”Well I think this would look good.” And driving back and forth to the store with samples, all of that is immediately resolved because they were on their phone last night scrolling through your visualizer on your website, thinking about your brand. Coming from, before I started working at Roomvo I was actually a sales, in marketing guy at a flooring store in Nebraska.

Dennis Oz: I didn’t know that. Wow. Okay. .

JC Kleier: Yeah. Yeah. I had the firsthand experience of customers coming in all the time saying; ”I just can’t envision this small sample in my entire room.” And it was easy to pull up the website, launch the Roomvo Assistant and show them what it would look like in their entire space. And that’s really the power of Roomvo.

Dennis Oz: Great. Yes., well, JC, it’s turned out to be something like that I’m really amazed. I’m talking about the things that I saw and I should ask you more. I gotta say that: I should ask you more instead of just trying to tell the listeners. But this is what happens when you see something like really powerful guys. When you have a great tool in place, you’ll know that the people will gonna come to you prepositioned to buy. Imagine that a piece of paper they printed out what they want. They’re gonna come and you’re gonna save a lot of time with this piece of paper. Otherwise you would be trying to understand the customer needs and showing different samples here and there, putting in a another software to make it visual. Here, people will come to you, prepositioned to buy, and it’s gonna be a super fast sale and let’s put in this way, you’ll spend more time just to understand the customer because you have your piece of paper in front of you, they designed it last night. You would spend more time on the real things that they’re gonna bring value to the conversation and make the sale happen and start this project from there. So this is gold. Um let me ask you then, do you have any special promotions for our listeners?

JC Kleier: Yeah. We wanted to say that the Roomvo Assistant has been and always will be free forever, but we wanted to cast out to Dennis and to his entire listeners, the premium pass. Normally it’s a hundred dollars per month. And what we would like to do is to give that away for one month free. You can try it out, see if you like it. And if you don’t, you can switch back to the free option. No charge, no harm, no contracts, and none of that.

Dennis Oz: That is perfect. Yeah, guys, you just heard about this one. We are also recording this. You’re gonna ask it, where is our promotion? Where is our premium pass? What we’ll also do on our part is we are gonna add Roomvo to our website. It’s gonna be rtamarketing.com/getroomvo and you will also see the details over there. Guys, if you would like to go there. You can always get the website, get.Roomvo.com. That’s the website over there. But if you like to get the premium pass for that specific time, for the trial time, rtamarketing.com/getroomvo is going to be your link, and we are gonna add the link on the right below this video. But just wanna make it a little special for not the listeners, but the viewers. I just wanted to share your screen, JC and show us how we actually use the Roomvo app. But if you don’t mind, I would like you to share your screen and, we can see how we actually use the program.


JC Kleier: Yeah, a little walkthrough for the viewers who are able to see this. Just to kind of show you what it’s going to look like, how simple and easy it is to use. We’re going to go over the Roomvo Assistant, the free option. It’s as simple as snapping a photo of the room. Tapping a product and instantly seeing that in your space. Whether that be flooring, countertops, or walls, we can do that as simple as snapping a photo of your room, selecting that product and seeing it in the space.

Dennis Oz: just to make it even clear for the listeners. We have three steps we snap, right? And second one.

JC Kleier: Yeah, it’s selecting that product.

Dennis Oz: We are gonna select the product.

JC Kleier: The third one is seeing it in the customer space. Super simple and easy to use.

Dennis Oz: I would say it’s two steps, not three steps, because third one , it’s just the results. . Okay.

JC Kleier: We like three.

Dennis Oz: Exactly. That’s okay. That’s really convenient. Yeah.

JC Kleier: I’m going to show an example on the screen of hchinteriors.com. They are a flooring store that has the Roomvo Assistant added to their website. If you went to hchinteriors.com, in the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see a widget that has text that says ” See our products in your space.” If you go ahead and click on that widget, it’s going to launch the ability to select the products. From that product screen, we’ll be able to, and, actually I think it skipped a step. Let me back up for the viewers who are listening.

Dennis Oz: Sure, sure.

JC Kleier: Once you click on that widget, it’s going to pop up a little screen that will allow you to select a orange button that’s called ”Browse All Products”. You’ll select that button and that’s going to launch the catalog. Now this catalog is not maintained by you. We actually have a special partnership with manufacturers who partner up with us. They send us the data and we automatically take care of it for you based on the brands that you select in the backend. It’ll auto-populate a catalog. Where you can search for the products. In this case, I’ll just select the bottom right product that appears, and then that will take me to a screen where I can either take a photo of the room or utilize a room scene that’s already designed for this application. What we can do on a desktop, it’s a little bit different. Instead of taking the photo, it would just be choosing the uploaded room scene. If you have a in-store monitor that’s hooked up to a computer, just simply have them airdrop it to you a photo of their room, and then you can kind of display it on a big screen there. We’ll go ahead and tap ”Take a photo of my room” and that will allow me to snap a photo and it’s going to go out and cut out all of the edges. In this case, we’re looking at a floor. But if you choose a countertop and took a picture of a countertop, then it would cut out the countertop and that’s going to allow you to really instantly in five seconds, see what that looks like in your space. Super powerful and easy to use tool along with some extra benefits. Once again, this is the Roomvo Assistant free the product options of being able to rotate the surface. Whether that be to show a different kind of slab layout or the flooring layout, you can rotate that surface as well as you can also see more details about the product that you’re viewing and save and share for later. I don’t know how many times at a flooring store I heard, ”Oh, well my husband or my wife is the one who will have to make the final call. And it was super simple to be like, okay,

Dennis Oz: it always happens.

JC Kleier: let me share this to you.”

Dennis Oz: It always happens, especially in the design world. It’s always like, People also use it as an objection. So it’s also answering that objection, they would like to ask someone. Oh, you know what? We’re gonna share it right here, right now. Let’s see. Let’s hear. So great, great. Yeah, this is a great feature right here.

JC Kleier: Powerful. They can go back and look at that at any time. And all while, if you look at your phone, if you’re following along, listening to the audio, you can look at the top of the screen and look at the url. We’re still on hchinteriors.com, so super powerful tool. We believe that you brought your customers to your website. They should stay on your brand as long as possible. And I’ll also notate for the viewers where you see the Roomvo logo up in the top right underneath the URL that is part of the premium pass, and you’ll actually be able to swap that out for your logo. A more integrated feel. Like Dennis was saying earlier, it’s part of marketing. There’s studies out there that have said, it takes about seven times for a consumer to really want to continue to think about you and make it into your store. And so as much as we can get them seeing your logo, hearing your name, your website, all of that is going to continue to drive their mindset towards walking into your store.

Dennis Oz: Great, great. This is amazing. And, thanks so much for this product walkthrough. Just imagine this one, all these business owners over here. Imagine that you created an app. Let’s say it’s an app store, what’d you say to your people? Go to the app store and download it. No, this time you don’t even ask these people to go to the app store. You have something implemented on your website and it just works like an app, designed for your needs for you to talk powerful even more efficiently and more diligent to your own prospects. JC thank you so much for the things that you shared today, because one click away guys, you can reach hundreds of different softwares and products and you may even feel a little confused, but just because you are here, you would like to grow your business and that’s why we are bringing you Roomvo today with a great Roomvo assistant. So just try to use, get little more comfortable with the menus and everything. In fact, it’s really easy and hopefully you will find it really beneficial for your business and you will find it really helpful. JC, thanks so much for joining us.

JC Kleier: I’ll add one more thing.

Dennis Oz: Of course. Yeah. I would like to ask you whether you have any notes.

JC Kleier: Yeah, just to note if you have any issues with setting up the Roomvo Assistant or anything like that, we have a dedicated team, myself included, that will reach out and be able to help get that set up for you. No worries on anything. If any questions reach out to us, my direct email is; jc@leaptools.com. You can shoot me an email with any questions as well as I’m sure it’ll be in the podcast notes as well.

Dennis Oz: Right? It’ll be. Thanks some for joining us today. It was another episode of Remodeler Success Podcast. We’re gonna see you next time. Goodbye.