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Lead Generation Plan

Go to google and use “Kitchen Cabinets near me” as your search phrase, and let’s have a look the results. So in Google (and all other search engines)  when you are you doing a localized search, it’s going to be map pack rankings, directories and then the organic search results. In 2019 we have local map pack, so that’s going to show proximity to the user, but it’s not just based off of the closest results. There are some other things that are now influencing the map pack as well. One of the main things is having a good generalized search engine optimization. This could be a lot of different links, having blog content and also having reviews. After the map pack will move into directory listings, so directories are websites that are similar to your Google rankings but are going to be getting their own sort of rankings. Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisor… A lot of those things that show up at the top of the page, your users will tend to look at these, but they are not going to hold as much weight compared to map pack. So underneath the directory listings as when SEO really comes into play with your organic search results. So, it is based on link building and content. Content of course blogging having Google see that you’re updating your website with relevant information on a weekly basis is the best way to rank. Content your links are really going to be important here as well.

Paid Ads Management

Would you consider how much you are spending if you have a good return of your investment? Well, it varies. There is no magic formula which brings an infinite rate of return, however, cost per click campaign (aka Paid Ads) is great way to stand out from the crowd when it is setup correctly. In our modern world, it is not really hard to reach the information, you can go to YouTube and search for “how to set up an Google (or Bing) Ads campaign”, even Google offers some tutorials for “do it yourself” ads. However, it is pretty much watching someone driving a car and trying to learn from there. If you don’t know the crucial details, rules or shortcuts, you may not be able to arrive to your destination, you may get a ticket or even crash your car. Working with experts is always the best way to start doing things right. After experiencing thousands of keywords, we learned which keyword brings you the customer and which one is not.

Responsive Design

We create responsive websites! But what is a responsive website? In a few words, it is an ability to convey your information to your visitors regardless their device or operation system. Your website will be responding to different devices that your visitors use, you will still be presenting your cool information without a technical or visual problem. Having a responsive design need to be combined with a updated website, and we will do that for you. While we were updating your website regularly with new content, you will still have flexibility to modify it if you wish to do so. We know that your website is a home of all your news, campaigns and gallery, and we will configure it to attract your customers and bring them to your showroom.

Reputation Management

Let’s face it, we’ve all made mistakes. Maybe you made a mistake while measuring the walls at the job site, or perhaps you did everything correct but still cannot make your customer happy. Possibly you’re the recipient of a lot of anger online, and you chose to ignore it instead of respond. Well some people respond to this with anger, while others ignore it. Neither response is actually correct, or sustainable. Your reviews are your new word of mouth and your reputation is how others assign you value. So if you have a damaged brand, or if you are building a brand, you definitely need to be very careful. Since we have the insights and the tools for evaluating the opportunity or damage, we can successfully start building your reputation over time. We already know how most of your reputations get formed, So we will create a powerful game plan specifically for you.



We work exclusively with “Kitchen & Bath Businesses”. There are so many different digital agencies and they are even one click away from you, however only a few of them working in our industry. When it is time for us to put yourself in customer shoes, no one can do it faster and better than us.



We will keep you posted for the steps we take, simple is that. We will remain open and informative about key points of information, as well as our performance and day to day operations.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. To live the excellence, we foster state-of-the-art operational and technical knowledge and strive for simplification, and excellence at every touch point with our clients.