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The Remodeler Success


The Remodeler Success Podcast is a show created to inspire kitchen & bath industry professionals, designers, kitchen cabinet dealers, countertop companies and contractors to achieve optimal success in their remodeling businesses. The host, Dennis Oz, is the Founder of RTA Marketing, the Digital Marketing Agency for the remodeling industry.

On each episode, Dennis will be sitting down with industry leaders to talk about their processes, the lessons they learned, and how to find success in kitchen & bathroom remodeling businesses.

Latest Episodes

Remodeling Success Podcast with Dennis Oz

A Dive into Innovation and Growth: Importance of virtual selling tools for businesses w/Tom Koby

Join us for an insightful conversation with Tom Koby as we explore the world of kitchen and bath business innovation and growth. In this episode, we delve into the dynamic landscape of the industry, discussing the pivotal role of technology, the challenges faced by startups and established businesses, and strategies for thriving in an ever-evolving market.

Tap Into the Insider Knowledge From Carpenter to CEO with Dennis Gehman

We’re unraveling the complexities of the industry and exploring innovative business strategies with none other than Dennis Gehman, an industry titan with a wealth of experience. If you’re navigating the challenges of lead generation, client negotiations, or keeping up with design trends, this episode promises to inspire and inform. Buckle up for an enlightening conversation!

Tracing Evolution with Kitchen & Bath Design: Alena Capra Shares Her Secrets

Discover the Future of Kitchen and Bath Design with Alena Capra! In this episode of Remodeler Success Podcast, we’re thrilled to have the renowned interior designer, Alena Capra, sharing her 20 years of experience in the industry. Get ready to be inspired as Alena discusses the most noteworthy shifts in kitchen and bath design trends, the fundamental principles guiding her design process, and the cutting-edge advancements that are shaping the future of these spaces. Join us as we explore the world of interior design and hear Alena’s expert insights on creating dream projects for her clients.

Visionary Tools for Your Next Step of Remodeling Business

This episode of The Remodeler Success Podcast is filled with great insight! Our guest JC Kleier shares his vision for the remodeling industry as we approach 2023, including which tools can help you scale up your remodeling business. Tune in to find out how technology will transform and revolutionize the remodeling industry! There’s no better time than to tune into the Remodeler Success Podcast. Tune in now!

How to Manage Become More Profitable

In this episode of The Remodeler Success Podcast, we interview Rocky Lalvani, the Profit First Professional. We discussed how to implement profit first system in your remodeling business without sacrificing customer satisfaction and lead to successful growth. Tune in to learn more!

Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2023 with Nancy Hugo

In this episode of The Remodeler Success Podcast we interview Nancy Hugo, the owner of Nancyhugo.com. We talked about the kitchen and bath design trends for 2023, as well as what she sees being big this upcoming year! Tune in to hear about the industry insights.

Adapting to New Market Conditions: Kitchen & Bath Industry Edition

The Remodeler Success Podcast is excited to bring you insights from the industry about the current state of the remodeling market. In this episode, we discuss the demand for remodels in the next quarter, recession predictions, inflation and its effects on home improvement projects, and more. We also ask Eric Finnigan for his advice on how remodelers can battle supply chain issues on projects. Tune in to hear what Eric has to say!

Sustainable Renovation: How To Turn Old Houses into Smart Homes

On the latest episode of the Remodeler Success Podcast, we speak with Katharine MacPhail, CEO of dEmios Architects. She shares her insights on sustainable renovation and how can you modernize a house without losing the old vibe. Katharine discusses the importance of renovating homes with an eye toward sustainability. She also shares her tips for modernizing a home without losing its original charm. For more, be sure to tune in to the latest episode of the Remodeler Success Podcast!

The Most Effective Way to Sell a Remodeling Project with Duane Becker

On the latest episode of Remodeler Success Podcast, we speak with the owner of SaPré Training, Duane Becker. He shares his insights on how to provide value and make sales, and tips for business owners who are training their newly hired designers and team members. Duane is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training, and his advice is sure to help business owners who are looking to improve their remodeling business and increase their value. Be sure to tune in and catch the latest episode of the Remodeler Success Podcast!

SENsational Breakdown for Business Development

Tune into this week’s episode of the Remodeler Success Podcast as we speak with Bryan Winemiller, Director of Vendor Development at SEN Design Group. He talks about how becoming a member will allow you to access some key benefits and services for your remodeling business!

Tune in to the Remodeler Success Podcast’s latest episode as we speak with Charlotte Brown, Operations Coordinator at Fabuwood Cabinetry Corporation. She talks about the company’s forward-looking management principle and how it helps them deliver their products more quickly, sticking to high-quality standards. Charlotte also introduced us to some of their newest products that look good and function!

In this episode of Remodeler Success, we learn from one who knows what they’re doing: An expert on construction, owner of Hibbs Homes, Kim Hibbs talks about how to build and train a home renovation team, help homeowners during the remodeling process and more! Tune in now!

Hey there kitchen remodelers! In this episode of Remodeler Success, Ariana Lovato AKBD, CLIP will reveal tips to grow your kitchen and bath business. She also shares a secret about the golden rule for expanding your remodeling business in a successful way.

In this episode of Remodeler Success, environmental designer Dani Polidor from Suite Artistry shares her secrets from deciding on the right color scheme to making sure your appliances work in harmony with one another

K&B Industry Deep Dive  with Andrew P. Satriano

In this episode, Andrew P. Satriano from Crown Point Cabinetry talks about the entire K&B Industry, from designers to installers, and everything in between. Tune in for a professional perspective on the K&B Industry!

Kitchen Design Trends 2022 with Karen Hockley

In this episode of Remodeler Success, professional kitchen designer, Karen Hockley shares kitchen design trends for 2022 to give a new perspective on kitchen design. She also wants to create awareness among people about the latest trends in designing and renovating kitchens. Her insights about “Kitchen Trends 2022” will help you to plan kitchen renovations for your home in a mindful way.

Kitchen & Bath Design Academy with Alison Solar

Is there anything more satisfying than a well-designed kitchen? If you’re looking for some tips on how to decide your design, this episode is exactly what you need. Design coach and designer herself -Alison Solar will give her insight into the industry insider secrets that she’s learned over time as an established professional in both fields!

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