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Online marketing is much more than just a way to drive traffic to your Kitchen & Bath business website. It’s not even just about getting new leads for the business. Instead, it should be treated as a strategy that will help you find and engage with potential customers in order to build trust and make sales. In this blog post, we will discuss how online marketing can be used effectively by providing two different perspectives on lead generation – one from an internet user’s perspective, and another from a remodeling company’s perspective. We’ll also talk about what steps you can take once you have found a hot lead or cold lead so that they become engaged customers who hire services from your company!

Online Marketing Ecosystem for Kitchen & Bathroom Business

There are a lot of different choices out there and you don’t know how and where to spend your money. But as soon as you understand the big picture of online marketing then you will be able to understand how to generate the leads before putting them on autopilot. We need to generate those leads, and also we need to know how to generate those leads. We have six different channels;

  • Your Website

The first one is of course your website, you should always know that your website is your hub. Everything about your kitchen & bath company, and every service that you offer will be there. In order to generate your leads, you should have a qualified website. 

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

And then your pay-per-click campaign. Your Google and Facebook ads are important as well. Because every platform will bring a different reaction to your overall internet marketing strategy. 

  • Retargeting

Number three is retargeting. What we mean by that is; for instance, put Nike shoes on Amazon and you will see that Nike shoes are almost everywhere that you go on. Even on the apps that you are just trying to use or any other website that you’re trying to crawl. It’s like creating some sort of branded munis on consumers’ minds, there is no harm in this. Google does not avoid any kind of ads, it will always show ads and there is no harm to be there to show your brand to these people. 

  • Paid Online Directories

Number four paid online directories such as; Houzz.com, Yelp, or Yellow Pages. As a Kitchen & Bath Business online marketing agency, we do not focus on those because as an industry we are not receiving any kind of momentum from there. The same thing for the HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack.

  • Social Media Platforms

Our fifth step is our social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Facebook and Instagram are very fundamental to what we are doing. As a Kitchen & Bath remodeling marketing expert tip we recommend you to do live broadcasts. In that way, you are just showing your face to the homeowners and they will get familiar with you. You can just go there and talk about the things that you offer through homeowners. Thus people will act on these ads and they will come to you asking for more and more, but they try to pay less and less. But if you do it like a webinar, kind informative session for the homeowners, they will stay with you, they will learn from you and they are not going to go anywhere else. We believe that these webinars are helping us to kind of create momentum for all our clients. 

  • Super Susan

Number six is Super Susan. This is the solution that we offered for our Kitchen & Bath business owners. What we do with Super Susan is automation, all these seven steps are going to be automated on number eight steps with Super Susan.

How to Attract Potential Leads

To attract potential leads, it’s important to establish a digital presence in order to show your offerings and establishes. Then you create interest. The number of people who are interested in your services or products will be more than the people who live on, less than the people that you create an awareness of, because not a lot of people show interest in what you offer, but then they will make a decision. It’s just a decision to come and meet you in your showroom or show up on the Zoom call, and then they will take action. For instance; We can say that only 40 people out of 200 are going to call and then 8 people will just turn into hot leads and one person will sign at least a $50,000 contract. 

You may say ”12. 5% of the conversion rate is really low for me” but sometimes you even disqualify these people because one of these eight people who sign up says ’’ I have $10,000 and give me a kitchen and bathroom.’’ You can help these people for sure but at least they should have a $40- $50,000 budget so that you can reach your target and get a qualified lead, so it’s important to find these people. 

Then you have a 10% to $50,000 contract for 200 people. When you look like $50,000 per week, we’re talking about 2. 52 points six million per year, it looks like a good deal.

Also, you should know that we can’t do this for every single client because the competition in the areas is different. For example, the competition that we have in San Francisco is way different than we have in Brooklyn. 

How to Control Your Website Traffic

You should remember that; you can get these 200 visitors in one day, one week, one month, or in a year, we are just talking about the number of people, not the time frame.

To get these 200 visitors you need to have call to actions on your website because applying this important point to your website will strengthen its interaction with visitors. These 200 leads can come 5% by the call to actions, 10% by phone, 30 by showroom or Zoom appointment.

Then say we may get 3 appointments out of these 200 visitors and the 1 confirmed project at the end of the day or the end of the week for 10 months.

In the second scenario, if we just increase the conversion from 5% to 10% it gives us 20 calls or 20 leads and a 30% appointment rate. This rate is going to give us 6 appointments and 1 confirmed project. You should know that average ticket prices are important and at the very end, it’s the question; what’s your average ticket price?

How to Increase the Quality of the Leads That You’re Getting on Facebook

We do not advertise anything to Facebook if they are not the target avatar, so we recommend you to advertise on Facebook to your target customer avatar. For instance; if your target avatar is +35 years old and female you shouldn’t advertise anything to people who are less than 35 years old and male.

The algorithms of Facebook and Google will treat you differently in different areas. So sometimes 35 looks better and brings you, people that are in the 40 to 50 age range, it’s called optimization. When you’re talking to Google Ads and Facebook Ads you need to remember that it is an AI system and you have to understand how they work.

Why You Need Google Analytics on Your K&B Website

Your website is the first building block of your online marketing strategy and Google Analytics is one of the most important facts that you need to have on your website. If you don’t have your Google Analytics on your website then you don’t know what’s going on on your website. 

Google Analytics allows you to see every page on your website and every aspect of the visitor’s interaction with your business. It offers a range of detailed feedback that can help you identify your website traffic patterns. This will give you a general idea of where people leave your site so that you can fix any problems in the area.

What Your Visitors See

These recordings are important for us to understand how we are doing on our website, especially landing pages. With these tools, we can examine how visitors see our website when they look at it. We can analyze the things that they go and click on, so that we may optimize these pages accordingly.

Your Website’s New Friend: Appointment Widgets

One of the other important aspects to be considered is that of appointment widgets. When you have an Appointment Widget, your visitors and leads can more easily schedule meetings with you. Via the widget, they can pick any type of appointment such as;

  • Showroom
  • Zoom
  • Home

When this appointment widget is used, it will be easier to communicate with potential leads. Once leads book an appointment, you and the lead will receive a notification right away. When they confirm something, be ready by confirming the appointment time and all logistics necessary.

Include only necessary information on the appointment form to make it easy for your visitor, do not ask complicated questions. Don’t bother asking for an address – this is a large public place where people just don’t want to disclose their home addresses.

At the point they request a home estimate, you can ask for their address. The accessibility of the address is important because it provides information about the lead value.

Place Some Candy for Your Leads

As you conduct a website optimization, always remember to place some candy for your leads. What we mean by candy is; any kind of promotion, campaign, and discount about your service, this candy has to be linked with your services as necessary. For instance a kitchen & bathroom remodeling company you can use 10% of flooring, 6 Months, Same-As-Cash, or 10% of countertops kind of campaigns.

You can offer various candies to your site traffic and need not offer anything to your referrals as a result of they are additionally referred and will spot that this is one organic waste.

Landing Pages: Attracting Customers into Services

Landing pages are specifically designed to attract customers to the service it is for. You may offer design and build services, bathroom renovations, or kitchen renovations, but each page should highlight one service to catch a visitor’s eye. For instance; if you are offering a kitchen remodeling service, don’t show any bathroom on this page.

The Power of Following Up

When these people fill out a form on your website or just give you a call, based on our experience we verified the industry fact that if you do not get back to these people in the next 15 minutes, they go cold. We’re not talking about the appointment re-booking widget, but the contact form which is usually on your website.

If you do not reply to your leads promptly, the lead will go cold and potentially become unreachable or disregard what you have said. Cold leads need to be followed with warm leads, and those who reply can then be contacted 5-7 more times before an appointment is made.

Text Message Reminders: Keeping the Leads in Touch

For instance; you have an appointment we give you seven times as one text message and then another text message two days later, three days later what you will also see is a new text message. We will try to stay in touch until the appointment day. And as a word of wisdom from the industry; Text messages are the preferred method of communication for leads. Imagine that you’re talking to a working mom there in the office and she has a limited time to talk to you, they just fill out a form and go back to their daily kind of work, so this is an easy way to reach you for these kinds of people. 

  • You can use Calendly. It’s not going to give you any type of follow up service, but it is still useful
  • Also, there is Slydial that you can use. With this tool, you can leave ringless voicemails for people’s cell phones.
Warm Lead Follow Up Sequence
  • Let’s say the lead booked an appointment for Saturday and today is Thursday. This lead will receive a notification that says:

‘’Hey, we’re good for Saturday, thank you so much, we will be ready for your meeting.’’

  • If it’s a Zoom meeting then we will send a link five minutes before the meeting.
  •  If it’s a showroom meeting we will send a notification that says

‘’Here is our address and we’re going to be ready for your meeting.’’

We’ll perform the due diligence steps with the confirmation right away and make a reminder for the next day. At this time, we won’t send any text messages, just an email.

In the last step, before the Zoom meeting, we will send a link to their cell phone numbers at least 5 minutes in advance. That is our warm lead follow schedule up for any booking appointments.

Tips on the Best Practices of Zoom for Your Kitchen & Bath Meetings

As a Kitchen & Bath Business owner you know how to sell when they come to your showroom but Zoom is something new for your meetings and we are going to talk about the best practices to give you an idea. Here are some tips:

You Should Be simple

Use your cell phone during the meeting because you can take these people to your slab yard, or you may need to take a walk in your showroom to show some pieces of your material samples. 

At the same time if customers also use their cell phones you can just try to see the wall measurements to understand a little bit. 

Evaluation is Key for Pricing

If you haven’t asked for the address info of your customer, you can ask during the Zoom meeting. The address info is important just because that address is going to help you to evaluate this person’s income level so that you can have an idea about what kind of budgeting options you can offer. 

Try to Keep Your Quote Amount As Low As Possible

Try to keep the quote amount as low as possible because this person may have another meeting along the way and if you keep it as low as possible, it will eliminate the higher options. And when they come to your showroom in the next meeting, you may have to upgrade in the showroom by using your face-to-face communication opportunity.

Position Yourself As the Person That is Easy to Work With 

Just show your kind of experience to these people, they will see you as an authority.

Try to Schedule An In-person Appointment to Proceed 

During the Zoom meeting ask this question; What’s our next meeting? Ask that question to these people because when they come to your showroom or slab yard, you will have an opportunity to show your display and you can give a quote.