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3 Biggest Changes in Google Algorithm

These are the top three biggest changes you need to know.

  • The first is you can not get away with duplicate content anymore. Even if you duplicate the content on your own website. For example, if you copy and paste it to different pages that you have or just copy and paste it from outside the website, it is not going to help you to get ranked.
  • Low-quality links also affect your website. When it’s pointing back to your website, it hurts you if it’s a low-quality website or low-quality link.
  • The third one is you need a real and physical location to rank well on Google Maps.

Let’s look at them in detail. We see that a lot of kitchen and bath companies copy and paste the content from the cabinet makers’ websites. That can be necessary if you want to create your own website. If you’re selling a product line, you should have unique content there. You don’t need professional writers to write that content. You can write it as well as a professional if you have time. At least 500- 600 words are going to be enough per page. But if you are talking about 10-20 different pages that you need to sit down and write, let the professionals handle it. Just do it yourself if you have the time and you want to do it. Do not put this duplicate content on your website. You will see even having no content on your website is better than having duplicate content.

We also mention the importance of the city pages. If you are trying to rank in different cities, you need city pages. That means you need unique content for all these pages.  At least 70% may need a call to action button, and some areas could be more or less. For example, we are in New Jersey, but we want New York City or New York, Brooklyn. We need pages for Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island and state Marlin and Bronx.  If you’re thinking about your neighborhood cities, create unique content for these pages, and then put it on your website. With the correct tagging and everything, you will see that that information will give Google quality signals, and it will help you to rank on the top of the pages when Google is making their ranking decisions. Another thing is quality linking, you can even review the quality links on your website. There are different tools like SEMrush or Aherfz. First of all, you need a unit to understand whether it is a quality link or a low-quality link. If you are listed on your cabinetmaker’s website, that’s a high-quality link. We are also talking about the physical locations that are important. There are many ideas such as people create virtual locations and implement those virtual locations to Google My Business pages. If you do not have a physical location, you shouldn’t create a Google My Business Page outside of that area. If you try to manipulate the system, you will pay the price, and you will get penalized. If you don’t have different showrooms or physical offices in different places, do not create different Google My Business profiles.

The New SEO Formula: User Experience Optimization

It’s obvious that SEO is no longer effective. You can name those updates differently, but there is a fact that it’s all about user experience optimization. Google is trying to give the best experience to its users. That’s why the new SEO formula requires a heavy focus on user experience optimization. When people go to your website, they need to feel comfortable. Don’t think of your desktop version, but rather think of your mobile website as well. You need a fast website, you need to create titles, you need to create paragraphs and you need to create quality content. If you are giving those people quality information, then Google will benefit you along the way. Yet, we are not talking about duplicate content. Instead, we are talking about unique content. When you start to develop and catch up with these updates, you will benefit from the changes, and you will see that Google is putting you even in that map and organic session. Maybe not every time in the beginning, but you will see you’re getting more and more organic traffic shortly and the grant for sure.

New SEO Ranking Factors

Let’s talk about the new ranking factors. They can be very technical, but you need to know about those things with their details. The click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio. For instance, your link has been shown 100 times, and six users clicked on that link. It means you have a 6% click-through rate, and that metric is being recorded by the Google Analytics servers. When you have a lower click-through rate, chances are you will have a lower place on the rankings. When you have a higher click-through rate, you will be placed higher in the Google rankings algorithm. This is the thing that Google likes. Also, your title tag is a part of your SEO meta description as well. A low-status meta description is not the ranking factor, but that affects the user experience. When you have a meta description right on the bottom of your own link, that’s going to increase the click-through rate as well.

How to Increase Conversions on Your Website: How Scrolling Effects Leads

When people go to your website, it should be eye-catching and compelling. Users need some sort of a reason to scroll, no matter if it’s your mobile version or desktop version. The Google Analytics server will recognize that move from users, and it will give Google that signal that people are trying to learn more from your pages. When you put the call to action button at the bottom of the page, this causes people to scroll down. That’s going to decrease the number of leads that you’re getting to your website. There’s an optimization you need to sacrifice a little bit of your scroll down rate to get that quality. If you try to scroll people down on your page, you can put your call to action buttons on the bottom of your page. But it might not be the best way to give your call to action button somewhere in the beginning. The idea here is to convert those people. The reason why these people are on our website is to get their information, let them contact us, give us a call or fill out a form. That’s the main idea why they are on our website. We don’t want people to close the page without even seeing our call to action button. Thus, you need to strategically place your call to action buttons on your website. Also, you need to consider the scroll down rate. There are two important optimizations that you need to do, and we need to apply them. We need to sacrifice one thing to get success with other factors.

The Power of Videos on Your Website: Why Quality Matters

The timeline page is a big deal. When you’re talking about time on the page, we are talking about authenticity, like the videos. It is always a good idea to put an embedded video on your website. That’s because when people watch, they will be able to see more about you and feel more comfortable and more familiar with you. It can be a review video that your past clients are talking about their experience. Your future customers will be heavily engaged with that kind of material. Not everyone has that kind of financial source, but you can work with a  video maker to come to your showroom and create authentic content for your business. That video will help you to increase the total time that these people are spending on your pages.

How to Decrease Bounce Rate on Your Website

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and leave without scrolling down or doing anything. The Google Analytics server is going to record that lead as a bounce rate. It will increase the bounce rate, and it will be considered a balanced user. In order to decrease the number of users bouncing from your website, you need to make it kind of appealing. You need to create links and interest on your pages. Then these people can click on it, and they can scroll down. Also, bounce rate is another metric that we always use for our pay-per-clicks. That’s a really important metric for pay-per-click. For example, sometimes people are looking for white kitchen cabinets. If your landing page shows them a kind of blue or black kitchen cabinets, those people will just bounce. They won’t even try to go and browse your cabinetry. If they’re looking for white kitchen cabinets, you need to give them white kitchen cabinets. When Google is making this ranking decision, it uses the information on the Google Analytics server, so it’s an important metric when Google uses that information.

The Value of Reviews: Why You Need to Get More than One

You need reviews not only on your Google My Business Page but also on different platforms. There are three important platforms that you need to get new reviews. One of them is Google My Business, another one is Facebook, and the third one is not only Google but all the search engine platforms that are taking the average rating of your total score. They are taking an average from those websites and give you the authority there. If you have a five-star rating on Google My Business but a one-star rating on Yelp, you need to fix that. If you have bad reviews on Facebook, you need to fix that as well. Always remember that all these metrics are looking for the overall ratings, not only one website, not only Google My Business, and not only Facebook. They’re looking at the whole and taking an average of your every star rating. When people give you an even one-star review or five-star review, it’s important to respond to these people with a quick reply. You need to go the extra mile and ask for reviews from the only people that you believe are going to give you a five-star review. Do not send everyone your review requests. Be smart and target your VIP customers only. Then when they come to your website and write a good review, reply from there. Of course, you cannot stop getting bad reviews as well, but hopefully, you’re not going to experience that.

The Virtual Design Appointment: How to Convert People from Your Website

Virtual Appointments are all about how you convert people from your website. If you do not offer virtual design appointments, you have to do that for sure. COVID brings people that kind of sense that they have no hesitation to put themselves in front of the camera anymore, and you can meet those people online. You just need a couple of tools. You need an appointment scheduler. You need a quick video conferencing app like Zoom, or you can do that through WhatsApp or FaceTime. If you’re using FaceTime, you can meet with the iPhone users, but Zoom will bring more options for you and your leads. Also, we created an automation system called “Super Susan” that comes from Lazy Susan. It’s a super system that we use to book appointments. There are also other tools like Calendly that are free. But if you want to send automation and automated emails to these people after they sign up, you need email automation as Super Susan does. You put a lot of effort into your SEO, and then what happens when these people come to your website? You need call to action strategies to convert these people. Right now, people are booking virtual appointments with really increasing amounts. You can see, you can book tens or hundreds of virtual appointments just in a month, and then you build that face-to-face kind of relationship. You start a relationship face to face on Zoom, you will see that will lead you to a roundtable meeting, right after that Zoom meeting. You will easily invite these people to your office or your showroom. If you are putting a lot of effort into SEO already, or you’re starting to plan to start your new SEO campaigns, you need that virtual appointment service on your website. Because your competitors are already there. They’re already offering those solutions to their users.

What is that strategy session and how we can book that?

Go to our website, and you will see a calendar widget there. You can pick the date and time. We will perform our due diligence, and we will give you the information that you need for your strategy session.

What to do if you’re based from home for Google?

You’ll need to give your home address. If you are getting mail to that address, you can receive a confirmation in the mail. You have an option on Google My Business Page to identify your service area. You can identify your service areas but be careful as you do not want to put a huge radius there. Only pick two places that you are really active, and you can really serve.