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Do you want to know the secret to getting more conversions? Optimizing your website. Optimizing your conversion rate can be a difficult task but not after reading this blog! We’ll cover the importance of having a clear understanding of how to set up your kitchen and bath, countertop website for conversions and why conversions are important in this article. There are also going to be some tips on completing the journey from a website visitor to a paid customer by putting their signature below that contract.

The Problem: Or Why You Should Know the Cost of Your Marketing Campaigns

Let’s identify the problem. Our problem is, you may not know how much exactly you are spending on your internet marketing campaigns and you may overpay or you’re planning to start from somewhere but you don’t know the right point to start. How can you make sure that the marketing dollars that you send to the streets of the marketing world will come back with their friends? How can we ensure this conversion? It’s a part of our overall marketing strategy, our overall marketing strategy has different elements; Google Ads and Bing Search also your Facebook, Linkedin and all these kinds of social profiles, Pay Per Lead websites like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor or Google Local Services Ads, as the last one a marketing automation system. A Marketing automation system doesn’t mean that you send hundreds of text messages or emails. We are talking about a proper follow-up system. These are some things that you can implement in your kitchen and bath, countertop business very easily.

It Is an Investment to Create a Website and Market Online

You are investing, even paying someone to just build your website or paying someone to manage your Google Ads is an investment. You’re spending an amount of money for your online marketing, and maybe you’re getting a lot of leads, you’re getting not the leads but the traffic, but you’re not creating enough leads out of this traffic. Because the customer journey starts with when they land on your website. When they land on your website they need to see what you do and contact you, then it’s your turn to switch these people to showroom or office visitor, that’s your job right there. You’re getting a lot of traffic, but not creating enough leads, you’re spending some money but you’re wasting that money and you are ending up with a low return on your investment. This is one of the main reasons that marketing strategies fail; You don’t generate enough leads, and you basically can not grow. The money that you put into your marketing strategies is going to give you a financial burden over time, and you don’t want this financial burden. You want to spend the money that gets your return in the best way possible. When you’re trying to do this, you need a website that is built to convert and designed with different call-to-action types and the exact proper messaging, then you can convert these visitors to callers. For instance, you have a contact form on your website, if they fill out that form especially at the time you closed your kitchen and bath showroom that they won’t be able to reach you, these forms will be a contact way for your visitors to connect you. When you do this, when you’re getting more calls and leads from your website, then you feel much more comfortable putting in more and more money and work with a bigger budget. We are forcing some of our clients to hire a new designer sometimes because they are starting to get more and more leads every day and they eliminate the low ticket clients, they start focusing on the high ends, they’re increasing the leads so they start to feel the lack of employees to catch all the projects that they want.

Why Is Conversion so Important? 

What is the overall revenue if you do things right? Let’s find this out by checking two different scenarios. In the first scenario, we’re going to take 1000 visitors, those 1000 visitors can come to your website in one week, in one day, or one month. if you have a 5% call to action button and if people are reacting to your call to action buttons, that means that you will get 50 calls or 50 calls plus forms. If you believe that at least 30% of these people that are out of 50 will show up, you will have 15 appointments, which means 15 estimates. But if you get a 30% close rate this is going to give you five confirmed projects. As an example, if it’s $10,000 then this is going to be $50,000 revenue, not the profit but the revenue. 

In scenario two, let’s check a better conversion; every when you convert 15% of 1000 visitors that means that you’re going to get 150 people with the 30% showroom and office visitor rate, that you’re going to get 45 appointments in one month, it is almost more than one appointment every day, and with the 30% close rate you will get 15 confirmed projects. Depending on your average ticket price, either you can get $150,000 or $450,000. 

The Anatomy of a Perfect Website: 10 Elements to Consider

There are 10 critical elements that you need to care about. Let’s identify them;

You can easily triple your number of leads and revenue just by adding some, call to action, or adding a phone number in the correct place. You should put your phone number on the top of your website, it’s not because you get the phone call right away but there will be two things on your customer’s mind; how to contact you and what you offer? When you give them a clear explanation about how to contact you on the top of the page they feel comfortable about the first question mark then they start to focus on what you do offer as a service. Also, you shouldn’t put an ad on the top of your page, you should put it on the footer. Because this social proof that you have to give these people at the end, at least they scroll down, see what you do, write your reviews, and everything, then you can build your credibility. That’s why it’s important to give you this triple action. If they just go there and see the NKBA logo, even if they don’t even know what NKBA is, they will think positively. Clear call to action, each page that you have to speak directly to your customer avatar, that’s why it’s important.

As another element, candy. You should give your customers candy, give them a reason to contact you. What does the candy mean? For instance, a 10% discount on countertops is candy. You tell your future customers; come to our showroom or slab yard and we’re going to give you 10% of countertops. Don’t worry it’s not going to hurt you the exact opposite it’s going to increase your conversion. 

Your website and mobile version of your website are one of the critical elements that need to be mentioned. When those people, your prospects go to your website and sign up with a form they will put their phone number over there, then you can text those people’s cell phones. It’s not a good way to send random text messages, it’s not a good internet marketing idea. But sending instant messages to the people who fill out your form is a good idea. If they are not giving you a call or something, these instant messages are going to give them some sort of really quick action. When they fill out a form, you send them an SMS such as; ‘’Thank you so much’’ ‘’Do you have questions?’’ and that is going to give you another window to talk to these people.

Key Performance Indicators: Executive Summary

Ask this question to yourself looking at these 10 elements, do you think your website is set up to convert these visitors to callers? Let’s check an executive summary of our key performance indicators, KPIs. In September we had almost 700 visitors and 640 of them were new users, identical and unique IPS. Let’s say IPS is 50. They are returning visitors, probably they visited your website, or maybe it’s your old customer that is trying to reach your phone number or whatever, but you can see your number on the pageviews. There is a rule; 80-20 rule. 80% of your customers will only see 20% of your website. 20% of your customers will see the other 80% of your website. This 200% is really important, of course, you have to make it a 100% perfect website but especially if you’re building something new you shouldn’t overthink, you just go with the 80-20 rules. For instance; let’s say your customers come up to the bathroom remodeling page, and you convert these people from there, they either give you a call because they drop from their 2.2. These 1700 people make 400 people per week and you have 53% of the mobile traffic, it’s more than the desktop. So we have 56% of the 50. People are on the run, they’re traveling from A to B, they’re checking their cell phones and if you’re looking at your website for the only desktop version, you’re missing half of the other people, your mobile website is as important as your desktop website, the desktop version, maybe even more important. It’s not every time 60 to 40, sometimes 50 to 50. But there is data such as 90 desktops to 10 Mobile. When you’re looking at your website, you should consider that it’s not only your desktop version, you should think about your mobile version as well. We are talking about websites but it’s something that before bringing those people, try so hard to bring those people. There is an example of; the people they come from the paid search and another organic search like 30% of 575 people. It’s important how you generate the traffic, you can generate the traffic through Google Ads or Bing Ads. But we generally use Google Analytics data and organic search means; for instance, they’re putting kitchen cabinets near me and they see many ads on Google, they skip the Google Ads and they go to the organic section or they just check the map area, that’s how they find you organically. Also, your social media is connected to these elements. Let’s say sometimes they see your ad on Facebook, or someone likes something on your website, and they find you, they Google your brand and they directly go to your website. But there is an option like this, they saw you somewhere else and they put your name on Google, if you don’t have a complicated domain name direct reach is going to be even more than one. Because people put ‘’ABCkitchencabinets.com’’ and the referral is something like Yelp or Houzz.com, or those places will give you a link. When they click on it, they’ll just go to your website or Pinterest is another thing that you will have your link to bring people to your website. When you look at these examples you can see that paid search and organic search are the most of the track that is coming from its top two. Social channels and referral channels are not the main sources of your leads but they are still important, especially when you’re talking about the people. They want to see you, they want to see your social proof on your website and your social media profiles.  

Your Ideal Customers: Pain, Frustration and Their Goals

Let’s go to your ideal customers and check their pains, frustrations, goals, dreams, and fears. Firstly, who is your customer avatar? They have to be a homeowner, preferably they will be 30+ years old, typically female because we know that very well if a couple is coming into the showroom the woman will decide what to buy, that’s how it works. That’s why to get more and more traffic to your website, you should occasionally bring female users, you should focus on female users to increase those conversion rates. We are talking about couples but of course kids and annually over 75 k household income family-oriented people interested in kitchen and bath remodeling and home improvement too. We know that you are looking at the metropolitan areas that are concrete jungle places, they don’t give you a $50,000 budget just because the kitchens are really small. But typically we are looking for people living in the suburban areas, and that they are living in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. If you look at your city and your showroom or slab yard is located, that’s great, you still have to use Google Ads and different SEO strategies to rank yourself in this upper-middle-class neighborhood. 

What are the pains? Probably they would say before coming to you, ’’my kitchen and countertop are outdated, I want to change it’’ Another pain is they cannot get a remodeling company on the phone, or even return a call. that happens.

Are they our ideal customers? Sometimes they’re too busy to deal with it, they need remodeling but they’re very busy. So what are the fears and implications? First of all, of course, since they have a particular budget in mind, they don’t want to be overcharged or they don’t want to pay for something that they can find. Those are the things just because they’re spending 1000s of dollars for this remodeling project. The same thing would cost maybe less in another dealer or vendor, that’s one of the fears that they have; being overcharged. Number two is being inconvenienced. Trying to coordinate with the remodeler because that’s the timeline, but to put a sign on the contract, they have to work with you in the next two or three weeks, maybe 2 months, they feel inconvenienced to contact and coordinate everything. This is another fear it may cause a disaster in the house just because they think they will be out of the kitchens for maybe two weeks. How are they going to eat? What are they going to eat? How are they going to cook? Again we are going back to the budget. It’s something that they can do more than they can afford. Maybe that customer has an L shape with an island type of kitchen and they’re just thinking of a budget with a wonderful kitchen.