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Digital marketing is more than just a passing fad. Even though it has been around for years, many kitchen and bath business owners and marketers fail to take advantage of its potential. In today’s digital age, where homeowners spend most of their time browsing the Internet, there’s no doubt that digital marketing is the best way to reach them.

One of the obvious benefits of digital marketing is its ability to reach large numbers of homeowners at a relatively low cost. However, what most K&B business owners don’t know is that it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. If you’re just starting out with digital marketing, consider affordable strategies.

But before you create your first Facebook campaign or Instagram post, it’s important to understand that while the internet is free to use, marketing on it isn’t. You still need to invest in things like designing ads, running paid ad campaigns, and buying website traffic to make your digital marketing efforts effective.

There are budget-friendly options. Instead of relying solely on paid ads, you can use social media marketing to promote your remodeling business. Let’s explore some digital marketing ideas for kitchen remodeling businesses that are easy on the wallet and will help you get started.

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re new to digital marketing, partnering with RTA Digital Marketing can kickstart your K&B business. We offer budget-friendly digital marketing services, providing you with high-quality ideas to promote your business online.

However, not all digital marketing agencies are reliable and helpful. Some may overpromise but lack expertise in delivering results. Before choosing an agency, it’s crucial to do your research.

To find the right agency for your needs, begin by reading online reviews and seeking recommendations from local K&B business owners. Our team can guide you through the process. We understand your unique requirements and can help you choose the best agency for your business.

Start your digital marketing journey with RTA Digital Marketing today!

Maximize Visibility with Our Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Looking to expand your customer base? Look no further than Facebook – one of the most popular social media advertising platforms. With RTA Digital Marketing, we provide you with a great opportunity to connect with potential customers. Start by using the search bar to find keywords like “kitchen remodeling near me” or “bathroom renovation contractors.” 

Join relevant local contractor groups and try different group names for better results. Alternatively, simplify your approach by creating a Facebook page for your business. Showcase our ongoing kitchen remodeling projects and gather valuable feedback from potential customers. It’s a win-win situation – promoting our services and gathering insights simultaneously.

Unleash the Power of Email Marketing for Your Business

One of the most popular budget-friendly digital marketing strategies for kitchen and bath remodeling businesses is utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms provide excellent opportunities for small businesses to build a targeted email list, which can then be leveraged to convert leads into loyal homeowners through irresistible offers.

It’s crucial to create an email list for your small business first. One effective method is hosting a giveaway on a social media platform, where participants provide their emails in exchange for a free eBook or coupon. Not only does this allow you to rapidly expand your email list, but it also ensures that your recipients are genuinely interested in your business.

Next, automate the process of sending emails to users whenever you post new content on social media accounts. This can be achieved by following a comprehensive guide. By doing so, you can reach out to individuals who have visited your Facebook page or other social media platforms, even if they haven’t followed your page.

Lastly, focus your small business marketing strategy on delivering targeted offers to individuals who have shown interest in your business. For instance, if someone recently visited your website but didn’t make a purchase, utilize email automation systems like Super Susan to send them a personalized email featuring your best kitchen remodeling offer.

With a good marketing strategy and a well-structured approach to Internet marketing, you can maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy and drive optimal results for your kitchen and bath remodeling business.

Improve Your Home Remodeling Business with Instagram and Pinterest

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to promote your business, social media is the way to go. Instagram and Pinterest provide excellent opportunities to reach new homeowners and grow your remodeling business. While more businesses use Pinterest for this purpose, you can achieve better results on Instagram.

The first step is to create an Instagram page or a Pinterest profile if you don’t already have one. Use a high-resolution photo of your kitchen remodeling services as your Instagram profile picture, and your company logo is sufficient for Pinterest. Don’t forget to add links in your bio on both platforms.

Once your profiles are set up, it’s time to focus on growing your Instagram and Pinterest accounts. However, posting a few pictures won’t miraculously grow your business. To make this social media strategy really work, ensure that your social media profiles are filled with captivating photos and videos of your kitchen remodeling projects. This will attract the attention of potential customers and existing customers, driving them to visit your website and potentially become clients.

Lastly, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags in your Instagram and Pinterest posts. Popular hashtags for home renovation projects include #homerenovation, #homeimprovement, and #remodelmyhome. But to discover which hashtags work best for your business, check the analytics of your Instagram and Pinterest profiles.

Get More Leads With a Visually Appealing Lead Capture Page

While we’re not fans of using popups on websites, we understand their potential to grow your email list quickly. However, instead of employing annoying popup forms that hog the entire screen, a better approach would be to create a dedicated microsite or landing page designed specifically for lead generation.

For example, you could develop a website featuring a free consultation offer, enticing people to share their email addresses. This strategy will enable you to attract more potential clients for your kitchen remodeling business. We’re not saying popup forms are inherently bad, but there are more visually appealing lead capture pages that you can explore.

Reach Out to Key Influencers and Get High-Quality Backlinks from Them

To build high-quality backlinks for your website and social media ads, reaching out to influential people with an established online audience can be effective. According to the 2018 Link Building Survey Report, this method saves time while establishing connections with influencers in your remodeling industry.

If you’re running a kitchen and bath remodeling company specializing in trendy designs, consider contacting home improvement bloggers and website owners who share similar content. Reach out to them through email or other social media channels and ask for a link to your site. Here are key elements to include in your outreach emails:

  • Clear and catchy subject line
  • Well-crafted message body
  • Providing at least three links, including your home page and blog posts
  • Offering something valuable to them, such as assistance in creating better content or driving more traffic to their site

For instance, you can propose creating a roundup post featuring their website and top kitchen remodeling blogs in your niche. This new marketing strategy not only benefits their content exposure but also earns you quality backlinks.

Remember to keep your outreach emails organized and compelling throughout the process.

Ask Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Products on Their Pages

To connect with influencers in your niche, one effective method is to reach out and inquire if they would be interested in promoting your products or services. Influencers with substantial followings can help facilitate your target audience and increase sales and engagement, particularly when they incorporate links back to your website in their tagged posts.

For instance, if you own a kitchen remodeling company in New York City, you could approach popular Instagram influencers to showcase before and after pictures of kitchens you have designed. They can then provide a write-up about your services, including your name, website, or blog URL.

What We Do 

We specialize in working with “Kitchen & Bath Businesses”. While there are numerous digital agencies readily available at just a click away, only a select few cater specifically to our industry. When it comes to putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, nobody does it faster and better than us.

RTA Marketing offers The Remodeler Success Podcast, a show created to inspire professionals in the kitchen and bath industry, including designers, kitchen cabinet dealers, countertop companies, and contractors. The host, Dennis Oz, is the Founder of RTA Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency specifically designed for the remodeling industry. Join us to achieve optimal success in your remodeling business!

In addition to these, RTA marketing offers AI Webinars. “How to Unlock Your Website’s Potential with Artificial Intelligence” and “Reshape Your Website with the Power of Artificial Intelligence” are just some of the webinar titles.