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We can’t know what the future holds, but we may still discuss the top digital marketing trends for 2022! It’s time to discuss what’s still to come and how you can adjust your marketing efforts to the new realities.

As a remodeler business owner, your days are never boring; you must constantly reconsider and modify your approach. Your job needs to adapt as trends change. On the other side, it’s difficult to distinguish real trends that will revolutionize digital marketing in a few years from the long-term growth of current marketing tactics.

What are the newest digital marketing trends that will set you apart from your competition and which are simply attempting to produce a well-written SEO blog article?

What Are The Emerging Digital Marketing Trends?

For the purposes of our forecast for 2022, we’ve identified important digital marketing trends that will help you get ahead of the competition and grow your remodeling business.

Keep in mind that these are forecasts based on what’s already going on in marketing. You should never forget about the timeless principles, which have been shown to work every time.

The newest trends, on the other hand, provide a fantastic chance to stand out from the crowd and promote your company. The sooner you recognize them, the higher your chances of being discovered are.

You Must Become More Strategic as AI Drives Growth

You must become more strategic as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning take away a lot of the grunt work in digital marketing. The number of available options in digital marketing is increasing all the time. To truly focus on what drives your remodeling company’s growth, K&B business owners must think strategically.

Facebook’s Metaverse Gamble: What It Means

So many stories are published about people leaving Facebook (Meta), yet the fact is that it isn’t going anywhere. With almost three billion users, Facebook has not only survived but thrived. The platform will continue to grow, and as a K&B business owner, you should invest in Facebook, you should believe that Facebook will continue to reign supreme.

The name of Facebook was changed to Meta. While it’s natural for the parent business to have a name (think about how Google became Alphabet), what matters is the decision. Facebook is taking a significant gamble on the Metaverse, which refers to both virtual and augmented reality. This is a major bet on the web’s future. You should begin to search for possibilities for your remodeling company in these areas.

Modern Advertising: The Rise and Fall of Programmatic Advertising

Modern advertisements are highly dependent on data to automatically alter. The new privacy standards introduced by Apple, as well as the impending removal of cookies, have limited the amount of data used in artificial intelligence.

This leads to the following digital marketing trends:

– Programmatic advertising will lose its efficiency.

– There’s a shift from collecting basic data for ad targeting to inferring people’s preferences based on their behavior. You need to know that this won’t be as effective without personalized ads. You should consider the impact that this will have on your marketing and be proactive.

LinkedIn: A Leading Business Platform

With more and more people turning to LinkedIn for career opportunities, it’s no surprise that the social network has established itself as a leading business platform. Each quarter, they continue to experience significant increases in monthly active users and interactions on the site. They don’t just constantly introduce new features that improve the effectiveness of businesses and sites, but they’re also continuously releasing updates to those features. Remodeling business owners should devote their full resources to LinkedIn.

The Rise of the User Experience

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest and most important forms of digital marketing. With search algorithms getting smarter and more context-based every day, you must put emphasis on SEO “hacks” and “tricks.” Besides, you should concentrate on the user experience because this will provide benefits in all aspects of your company’s marketing efforts. K&B business owners should put effort into SEO and more emphasis on making a positive user experience.

The Impact of Featured Snippets on SEO

SEO is an effective marketing technique that isn’t going anywhere. SEO will continue to be a major source of new business and traffic for most companies in 2022. More keywords will allow you to have a prominent snippet, which is a feature that many people are anticipating.

A highlighted snippet appears in the first position on search engines and shows a tiny part of your post. It’s been shown that using these photos increases the number of times people click on your website and improves your credibility. Prepare for the increase of Featured Snippets by following best practices, including bulleted lists, numbers, and entire answers, to improve your content’s chances of earning a snippet.

Other SEO tips and trends:

  • Blogging: If you haven’t already, create a blog for your remodeling business so that you may rank for more keywords linked to your products, services, and industry.
  • Keep artificial intelligence in mind: RankBrain’s AI algorithm examines your click-through rate, the time users spend on your site, and how valuable and well-organized your information is, as crucial ranking factors. Make sure you write excellent meta descriptions and create interesting material that people will want to read in order to increase your chances of ranking well.
  • Write long-form content: Long-form, 2,500 – 3,000-word articles are favored by search engines. Make an effort to create interesting material that covers a subject in full.
  • Have a mobile-friendly website: According to one estimate, over 60% of all searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Confirm that your site is mobile-friendly to avoid jeopardizing your SEO.
  • Follow the EAT principle: The acronym EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. These factors are taken into account when calculating rankings by search engines. As a whole, strive to create a positive EAT surrounding your organization and the writers who produce your content.

How to Build Word-Of-Mouth with Unique, Memorable Experiences

Remodeling businesses continue to compete for social attention and brand exposure through word-of-mouth. As the advertising environment becomes noisier, earned media and word-of-mouth become more important in breaking into the market. You should focus on creating unique, memorable experiences throughout homeowner interactions in order to develop social media word-of-mouth.

Digital Skills are the Most in-Demand

Digital skills are the most in-demand, according to LinkedIn. There is, however, a significant skill gap between the number of firms looking for digital talents and the ones available on the market. Remodeling business owners should review their entire workforce to determine the digital skills they’re lacking and prioritize training initiatives. You should upskill to stay competitive, and have digital upskill strategies in place.

The COVID-19 epidemic impacted our way of life and sped up the transition to digital media for those who had not yet done so. Online activities and interactions will no doubt be a major key digital marketing trends focus in the future.

Increase Website Speed and Optimize for Mobile Devices

The majority of website traffic is mobile, however, most websites do not yet have completely mobile-optimized experiences. You should build your websites to be fast, responsive, and capable of providing a great user experience across all platforms.

And you should prioritize website performance over all other metrics. Google has launched Core Web Vitals site design, which will emphasize speed even more in the future. You must ensure that their website is optimized.

Algorithms: The Key to User Experience

Every aspect of digital marketing, from social media news, feeds to display advertising to social ads to search engine optimization to even email, is now being run by algorithms. The algorithms all aim for the same basic goal: user experience. You should prioritize user experience and increase their focus on usability across every channel. You must prioritize users over performance indicators. Customers want a great user experience or their content will be less accessible if marketers do not give one.

One Channel at a Time: Advanced Marketing Strategy

Many K&B companies are spread too thin across numerous channels, which is why many businesses are overwhelmed. Focusing on one channel is a good strategy for smart organizations. As a remodeling business owner, you should focus on one channel at a time and prioritize transparency. No marketing strategy will be effective if it is not communicated to everyone in an organization. As a result, you should focus on fewer things while achieving more.

Fundamental Digital Marketing Execution

It’s all too easy to be seduced by the newest form of digital objects. K&B business owners are constantly on the lookout for new trends and cutting-edge technologies and platforms. The fact is that most remodeling companies’ growth still originates from fundamental tools.

Don’t forget to concentrate on your start. Optimizing your base digital execution might often result in a higher ROI than experimenting with every new tool (and getting sidetracked).

Voice Search Optimization: The Latest in Digital Marketing

In 2019, many marketing experts anticipated that voice search would be a digital marketing trend. It was not as prevalent as we thought it would be. This year, though, you may want to reconsider your marketing plan and incorporate voice search optimization. And don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you’d believe.

For years, kitchen and bath business marketing has been focused on content marketing and SEO, tinkering with and optimizing blog posts to achieve the top spot in SERPs. Because search engines like Google continue to utilize written text to provide results for spoken queries, optimizing for voice search is no different.

The disadvantage is that it produces so-called zero-click searches, which may be difficult for K&B business owners. Unfortunately, you can’t yet track traffic from voice search with tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console. It will be a major step forward for remodeling business owners if it ever occurs.

Three New Video Platforms: The Role of Marketing in 2022

Short-form content is becoming increasingly popular, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts are three of the most popular video-based content platforms today. Video marketing is expected to play a larger role in marketing in 2022, thanks to its capacity to grab and lead to greater engagement than other content. It’s also to your advantage to create more short video material, as it’s been discovered that the Instagram algorithm favors Reels. In other words, more films mean increased exposure.

In addition to more video content being incorporated into marketing efforts, we’ll see more videos utilized in a variety of ways in 2022. Furthermore, email marketing campaigns, websites, and advertising formats will all include increasing amounts of video material. Video analytics will become more sophisticated. As a result of enhanced tracking technology, we’ll see an increase in corporate investment in video digital advertising.

For example, remarketing is an excellent type of advertising that incorporates video marketing in innovative ways. You’ll be able to target which sort of videos you retarget with by using personalized video content to deliver the most likely to convert ads.

This year, more than ever before, celebrities will be used in films. User-generated video content will also play a larger role in video marketing. Not only will these resources save time, but they’ll also assist with performance. Traditional advertising is becoming increasingly neglected. You may use influencer marketing and client-made films to engage your audience in a much more genuine and meaningful way by using them.

How to prepare for the rise of video marketing:

  • While employing marketing tools and tactics to boost engagement, it’s vital to invest time in developing high-quality video content for your organization. You may use a video maker tool to assist you.
  • Encourage homeowners to submit their purchases by allowing them to record their experiences.
  • Increase your video production budget.

Conversational Marketing: Does It Work?

Conversational marketing is an approach to interact one-on-one with your audience in order to improve customer experience and sales. Live chat, chatbots, voice assistants, and other technologies may be used for these talks.

In 2022, as digital marketing efforts continue to develop, we’ll see more conversational marketing since it has a positive financial impact. Your company may be able to shorten the sales cycle and significantly boost the marketing funnel if you improve communication with clients. This technological change can be attributed to a number of factors, including time and money. After all, chatbots may quickly answer 80% of routine inquiries instead of a customer service representative.

Personalization will be an important player in the success of this marketing trend. Personalization will play a bigger role as more automation is used using AI to make conversions dependent on customers’ previous experiences with a company. Video chats are another type of conversational marketing that we’ll see going forward. Unlike text-based chatting, video conferences will be more prevalent for customer support and sales staff to conduct.

Inclusive Marketing: Designing a Successful Brand in the Digital World

Comprehensive marketing strategies aren’t limited to including various visuals on your website or social media marketing sites. Inclusive marketing isn’t anything new or unusual. As a remodeling business owner, you must be aware of the changes in our digital world and recognize that being inclusive and courteous to everyone is the new norm.

Homeowners are seeking companies who live what they advertise and who are consistent in all areas. You need to be an authentic company if you want consumers to trust you and have respect for you. Allowing people and groups to identify themselves in your marketing efforts, as well as knowing that they may connect with your K&B business.